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Recipe 4 All: (Not Just the Regular) Beef Stew Recipe

(Not Just the Regular) Beef Stew

Yield: 8 Servings
2lb Beef tenderloin -- 1-inch
  Flour -- for dredging
2tablespoon Butter
2tablespoon Oil
2  Cloves garlic -- minced
  Salt and pepper
2cups Dry red wine
2  Cubes beef bouillon
(dissolved in 2 cups boiling
1  Baking potatoes -- grated
1  Onion
(studded with 2 cloves)
2teaspoon Thyme
1  Bay leaf
8  Red potatoes -- quartered
8  Carrots -- sliced
4  Stalks celery -- sliced
8  Tiny white onions
1cups (or 2) tomato juice
  Handful fresh parsley

Dredge meat in flour. Melt butter and oil in large pot; add garlic. Cook the beef just to rare; remove from pot and refrigerate. Add wine and bouillon to pan and scrape up bitsstuck to bottom. Add potato, onion, thyme and bay leaf. Bring to boil, cover and simmer 1 hour. Add potatoes, carrots, cerlery and onions; simmer ½ hour. Add tomato juice, as necessary for nice gravy. Add beef cubes, reheat; toss in parsley and serve.

Your (Not Just the Regular) Beef Stew is ready. Good luck!

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