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Recipe 4 All: ABM Clear Flour Rye Recipe

ABM Clear Flour Rye

Yield: 3 servings
cups Rye flour
2cups Clear flour
2tablespoon Sugar
teaspoon Salt
2tablespoon Vital gluten
2teaspoon Caraway seeds
½cups Light sour cream
1cups +3T Water
teaspoon Instant yeast

Bake on basic white bread cycle. Watch first kneading and dribble in more

"Clear or 'common' flour, referred to in SECRETS OF A JEWISH BAKER, is a special flour milled from the very outside of the endosperm or the 'white' part of the wheat berry. This are of the endosperm contains higher levels of minerals as well as more protein although not the type of protein that is gluten producing."

"According to those who bake real Jewish rye breads, clear flour is what gives them their tecture, color and 'bite.'

Your ABM Clear Flour Rye is ready. Bon appetit!

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