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Recipe 4 All: Almond Roca Recipe

Almond Roca

Yield: 1 Servings
2cups (1 pound) butter
2cups Sugar
½cups Whole almonds
1lg Package chocolate chips
½cups Walnuts ground in a

Melt butter over high heat. Add sugar, stirring until it foams up well. Continue over high heat, adding almonds. Continue to cook, stirring continually until mixture is color of mahogany and sugar is all melted. (Take it off the heat for a moment if it starts to smoke.)

Stir as you take it off the heat permanently and pour quickly onto your biggest flat pan with sides. Tilt to spread evenly. After 5 minutes, pour on chocolate chips. When they have melted a bit, spread them over the top of the hot mixture with a rubber scraper. Scatter ground walnuts over the top, shaking to distribute evenly.

Candy is thoroughly cooled when the chocolate is dull looking. (Cool at least three hours at room temperature.) Break into pieces and it's ready to eat. Store in air-tight container.

Your Almond Roca is ready. Happy cooking!

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