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Recipe 4 All: Avocado Crepes Recipe

Avocado Crepes

Yield: 28 servings
½cups Avacado; mashed, sieved
3  Eggs
¾cups Flour
cups Milk
1teaspoon Sugar
1teaspoon Butter; melted, cooled

These crepes are best made in a blender. Put in the avocado and eggs first, then add all the rest of the ingredients. Cook according to directions for basic crepes

Alternate Flavoriengs: 1 t grated lemon rind is a good addition. Herbs such as a tablespoon of chopped parsely or ½ teaspoon of thyme may be added, as well as a few grates of fresh nutmeg.

Suggested Uses: with seafood fillings, especially crabmeat. With chicken fillings.

From: You can do anything with crepes. 1993 Cooking Echo Picnic cookbook exchanged. Happy Charring

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