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Recipe 4 All: Beef Corn Casserole Recipe

Beef Corn Casserole

Yield: 1 Pot
4tablespoon Oil
18oz Beef roast,not to lean
1  Garlic Clove
2  Onions
2teaspoon Paprika Hot
1  Pepper, red
1  Pepper, green
9oz Carrots
1  Leek
2qt Broth, clear
2cups Rice
2can Corn,whole cernel
½teaspoon Salt
1teaspoon Pepper
1bn Parsley,chopped

1.Let the oil get hot in a big pot; cut the meat into cubes and brown in the oil for about 20 minutes. 2.In the meantime; peel onion and clove and chopped finely. 3.Clean the leek, carrots and the peppers and dice finely. 4.Add the vegetables to meat and saute shortly and pour in the broth. Let come to a boil, and add the rice and let it all simmer 20 minutes. 5.Add the corn and let simmer for another 10 minutes. Season to taste and add the parsley.Serve with a hearty bread. Recipe by

Your Beef Corn Casserole is ready. Good luck!

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