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Recipe 4 All: Braunschweiger Recipe


Yield: 5 Pounds
lb Pork liver, trim and cube
lb Pork butt w/ fat, cubed
½cups Ice water
¼cups Dry milk powder
5teaspoon Salt
1tablespoon Sugar
2tablespoon Finely minced onion
2teaspoon Fine white pepper
1teaspoon Crushed mustard seed
½teaspoon Ground marjoram
¼teaspoon Ground allspice
¼teaspoon Ascorbic acid
12teaspoon Saltpeter
4  Feet medium hog casings

Grind liver and butt separately through the fine disk and then mix together. Combine with remaining ingredients, chill in freezer 30 minutes then regrind through the fine disk. Prepare casings, stuff and tie off into 6-8" lengths. Simmer in a 180-190 kettle of water for an hour. Remove from water, dry thoroughly and smoke at 150 for two hours.

Your Braunschweiger is ready. Good luck!

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