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Recipe 4 All: Cheese-Cherry-Pie Recipe


Yield: 6 Servings
cups Flour
teaspoon Sugar
½teaspoon Salt
½cups Salad Oil
2tablespoon Milk, cold
1lb Cottage Cheese
1cups Sour Cream
2  Eggs,beaten
½cups Sugar
2teaspoon Cornstarch
1can Cherry Pie Filling

Crust: Mix flour, salt,sugar together in 8 inch pieplate, in measuring cup mix milk with oil, with fork, beat until blended well ;add to flourmix at once and start mixing all together with fork, until it is damp, than ,with fingers, spread out the dough over the whole pieplate. Prick entire surface a couple times with fork. Filling: Put cottage cheese in blender and blend until smooth, mix in sour cream, eggs, sugar and cornstarch. Blend all well. Spread filling over crust and bake in 350 degrees F, oven for 50 minutes. Cool; than spread the piefilling on top. Refridgerate until serving. This is a low fat version of cheese cake and you can put blueberry pie filling on top if you want too. Recipe came from my mother- in- law from Ohio.

Your Cheese-Cherry-Pie is ready. Good luck!

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