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Recipe 4 All: Chocolate Trinity Parfaits Recipe

Chocolate Trinity Parfaits

Yield: 8 Servings
cups Heavy cream; divided
¼cups + 2 Tbls sugar; divided
4oz Semisweet chocolate
1tablespoon Cocoa
2oz Semisweet or dark chocolate;
½teaspoon Vanilla extract; divided

In chilled bowl of a mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat 1-¼ cups heavy cream and 1 tablespoon sugar on high speed until it forms stiff peaks. Whisk ¼ of the whipped cream into 4 ounces of melted semisweet or dark chocolate. Fold this mixture back into the remaining whipped cream, transfer to a stainless steel bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate. Beat 1 cup cream, ¼ cup sugar, 1 tablespoon cocoa and ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract to stiff peaks over medium speed. Transfer to a stainless steel bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Beat a final cup of cream, 1 tablespoon sugar and ¼ teaspoon vanilla on high to stiff peaks, then fold in 2 ounces of grated semisweet or dark chocolate. Transfer to stainless steel bowl, cover with plastic, and refrigerate all the creams for at least 30 minutes before assembling the parfaits. Fill a pastry bag (without tip) with the dark chocolate cream. Pipe a portion of this cream into each of 8, 6-ounce stemmed glasses. Repeat piping process with cocoa and speckled creams, cleaning pastry bag in between. (Can be covered and refrigerated up to 4 hours before serving.) Garnish with white or dark chocolate curls and raspberries, if desired. Makes 8 parfaits. From Cook's Illustrated '94 Nov/Dec issue.

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