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Recipe 4 All: Easy Mexican Chicken And Rice Recipe

Easy Mexican Chicken And Rice

Yield: 2 Servings
1/3cups Converted rice
9/16cups Water
1/3md Onion (chopped)
1 1/3  Skinless, chicken breast
1/3cups Salsa (the one you like)
  Salt to taste
2/3  Chicken bullion cubes

In a large pan, combine the water and bullion cubes, and bring to a boil. Add rice, onions and salt, boil 10 min then remove from the heat. Place into casserole dish, place chicken breasts on top and pour salsa over the chicken breast and rice, cover.

Place into preheated oven (350o), and cook for 1 hr. Serve.

This was a pretty good dinner, and it required very little of my time in the kitchen. It took a while to cook, but almost no preparation time.

This was originally a 6-serving recipe, and I had it scaled down to two. I approximated the measurements, since I'd have to be looney to sit and measure out 9/16 Cups of water. As it was, I ended up adding a lot more water than that, since the rice took *much* less than 10 minutes before it completely sucked up the water.

Your Easy Mexican Chicken And Rice is ready. Good luck!

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