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Recipe 4 All: Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Egg Fried Rice

Yield: 4 servings
4  Eggs, large
teaspoon Salt
6tablespoon Peanut oil
cups Rice, cooked (1 c uncooked
2  Scallions, large, chopped

Beat eggs well with ½ t salt. Have rice and scallions ready. Heat wok over high heat until hot; add 3 T oil, coat, and heat for 30 seconds ( don't let oil smoke). Pour in eggs and as they puff at the edges, push mass with spatula across to back of pan as you tilt it towards you; this allows the liquid eggs to slide down in to the hot pan. Repeat this pushing and tilting quickly until the eggs are no longer runny but soft and fluffy. Slide into a dish and set aside. Stir rice a little with wet hands. Add remaining 3 T oil to hot pan and scatter in the rice; stir, poke and flip with spatula to coat each grain with oil. Add rest of salt and stir briskly for 1 minute, until rice is heated through. Add eggs and stir to mingle; eggs should remain in decent size pieces. Add chopped scallions, give a few quick turns and por into hot serving dish.

Your Egg Fried Rice is ready. Bon appetit!

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