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Recipe 4 All: Eggplant Imam Bayildi Recipe

Eggplant Imam Bayildi

Yield: 6 servings
2md Eggplants
  Olive oil
1md Tomato, chopped
  Salt & Pepper
¼teaspoon Allspice
½teaspoon Parsley
1tablespoon Currants, soaked in cold
1  Clove garlic
1  Bay Leaf

Cut the stems off the eggplants but do not peel. Cut several length-wise slits in the eggplants, but do not slice through. Heat 2 tb olive oil in a small skillet and saute the onion until it browns slightly. Than add tomato, salt, pepper, allspice, and parsley. Cook over medium low heat until the mixture breaks down to almost a puree. Drain currents, and add the to the tomato-onion mixture, and cook for 10 more minutes. Stuff the cooked mixture in the slits in the eggplants with your fingers or a knife. Set the eggplants in a flame-proof dish that iwll just hold them. Pour oil over the eggplants until oil level is about halfway up the eggplants. Add garlic & bay leaf to the oil. Cover the dish and cook over very low heat for an hour or until eggplants are very soft. Turn them every 15 minutes. WHen done, pour off excess oil and strain and store for re-use. Cool and refridgerate eggplants overnight. Serve cold with thin slices.

Your Eggplant Imam Bayildi is ready. Good luck!

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