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Recipe 4 All: English Toffee Recipe

English Toffee

Yield: 18 servings
1lb Butter
2cups Sugar
1cups Chocolate chips melted a bit
1cups Basic chocolate sauce
½cups Peanuts; chopped coarsley

: Melt your chocolate chips over very low heat or in a double boiler, and chop your peanuts up rather fine before you begin the recipe. Then you can assemble this layered toffee all at once.

Cut butter into small pieces and place in a heavy skillet with the sugar. Cook slowly over medium-high heat, stirring constantly until the butter melts and is completely blended into the sugar.

Insert a candy thermometer into the mixtrue, reduce heat and cook for 30 minutes, sutrring constantly until the mixture is a deep amber color and the thermometer registers 285 degrees.

Pour mixture into an ungreased cookie sheet and allow to cool completly. Spread melted chocolate chips over the toffee and press the chopped peanuts on top. When the chocolate has hardened, break the toffee into small pieces and store them in a tightly covered container.

Yield: 18 oz



Your English Toffee is ready. Buon appetito!

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