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Recipe 4 All: Fatfree Cheese (Reference) Recipe

Fatfree Cheese (Reference)

Yield: 1 Servings

Well, there is Sap Sago cheese (aka Schbzieger cheese). It's a hard herbed cheese from Switzerland made from skimmed milk. It's sold in small foil covered cones. This cheese has been around a long time -- long before the push for fatfree foods. Best use is to grate it, toast it slightly and use as you would parmesian. I've seen this at gourmet shops mostly, I'd bet it is available worldwide.

Two American cheeses worth noting are: Cabot 75% fat reduced cheddar (with simplesse). Best tasting low fat (2 grams fat per ounce) cheddar I've found. Also a new entrant: Vermont Farms Skinny cheese-- a semi-hard farmers cheese made from skimmed milk (1.5 grams fat per ounce. Very costly at $11/lb, but only cheese I would eat plain. Note that although these have some fat, they are close to the limit on how low a "pure" skimmed milk cheese can be (skim milk has some fat — condense the milk to cheese and the fat becomes more concentrated).

There are lots and lots of fake fatfree cheeses in the US. IMHO, most are terrible (but passable in combination dishes, pizzas, veggie melts and the like). Mozarella types seem most palatable ("cheddars" are usually the mozarella-type + orange food coloring).

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