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Recipe 4 All: Filling Sausage Recipe

Filling Sausage

Yield: 1 Recipe

Sausage meat should be finely ground, as it keeps and holds together better. Beef alone, or pork alone can be used, but better two-thirds fat onions, sage, nutmeg or cloves—the latter two are not very common. For filling the skins a piece of bone 2 or 3 inches long is most serviceable, but a piece of tin, shaped into a funnel, smallest end a trifle smaller than skins, will do very nicely. Insert this funnel into one end, hold in left hand, and proceed to fill, using the thumb to force the meat down. Prick the casings often with a hatpin, to let out any air. To have a change make some with cooked barley and with potato (raw), finely choppped or ground. Use the proportion of ¼ of barley or potatoes. This is fine.

Your Filling Sausage is ready. Bon appetit!

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