Recipe 4 All: Jerk Paste Recipe — Every recipe in the World on this site.

Recipe 4 All: Jerk Paste Recipe

Jerk Paste

Yield: 1 Cup
Formatted by lisa crawford
  Onion; peeled
1bn Scallions; trimmed
2teaspoon Chopped fresh thyme leaves
2teaspoon Salt
1teaspoon Ground allspice
¼teaspoon Ground nutmeg
½teaspoon Ground cinnamon
4  To 6 Scotch bonnet peppers
1teaspoon Ground black pepper

Process ingredients into a smooth paste in a food processor. You'll have about 1 cup, with will keep, tightly covered and refrigerated, for a month.

10/5/95 From: Date: From: Dave Sacerdote Date: 02 Feb 97

Your Jerk Paste is ready. Happy cooking!

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