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Recipe 4 All: LEMONADE SYRUP Recipe


Yield: 20 servings
cups Sugar
1cups Water
  Rind 1 lemon, thin shavings
cups Lemon juice

Combine sugar, water and lemon rind; bring to boiling and simmer 5 min. Cool, add lemon juice, strain. Yield: enough syrup for 20 servings of lemonade.

To make lemonade, dilute as follows: 1 tb lemonade syrup per 1 cup ice water.

My note, diet version: Boiled ½ tsp orange peel in 1/3 c water in the microwave, added ½ cup lemon juice and the equivalent of ½ c liquid sugar substitute. Strained into a jar and added 4 cups of water.

Your LEMONADE SYRUP is ready. Buon appetito!

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