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Recipe 4 All: Mellow Pan Roasted Carrots Recipe

Mellow Pan Roasted Carrots

Yield: 6 servings
2lb Carrots
2tablespoon Olive oil
  Freshly ground black pepper
½cups Chopped onions
1tablespoon Chopped fresh Thyme leaves
1tablespoon Chopped fresh Rosemary
  Leaves or fresh dill
1  Orange cut into wedges

Trim and pare carrots, then cut in ½ length wise or cut crosswise in half. Heat oil on high in large skillet (12-13 inch), place carrots closely together in pan in single layer. Sprinkle with onion; grind pepper over. Cover and cook medium low heat, turning once halfway through, for 30 minutes or until fork-tender. Liquid should be evaporated and carrots beginning to caramelize at end of cooking time. Sprinkle with herbs. Squeeze three or four wedges of orange over them. Toss well and serve with remaining orange wedges on the side.

Taken from the Cedar Rapids Gazette paper food section dated December 12, 1993.

Your Mellow Pan Roasted Carrots is ready. Good luck!

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