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Recipe 4 All: Mother's Tomato Sauce Recipe

Mother's Tomato Sauce

Yield: 1 servings
½  Onion; medium, sliced
½cups Olive oil
3lb Tomatoes; ripe,coarsely cut
1can -Tomatoes; 2lb 3 oz,peeled
1  Carrot;small,peeled & cut up
2  Parsley, Italian;sprigs
1  Garlic clove
1teaspoon Basil,dried; -OR-
3 -Basil leaves;fresh
1  Celery stalk;with leaves,

Salsa di Pomodoro Della Mamma To quote the author, "Children don't usually like to see pieces of tomatoes and ingredients floating in their sauce (we certainly didn't!), so our Mother used to prepare tomato sauce the following way." Place the onion and half of the oil in a saucepan and cook until the onion is lightly browned. Add tomatoes, carrot, parsley, garlic, salt, basil and celery. Cook, covered, over moderate heat, stirring very occasionally, for ½ hour or until the vegetables are very soft. Strain through a food mill, taste for salt and adjust if necessary. (If sauce is too thin, place on heat again to thicken. ) Remove from heat, add the remaining oil and stir. NOTE: For a marinara or a more piquant sauce, just before adding the last oil, add ¼ tsp crushed hot red pepper and 1 clove garlic passed through a garlic press or chopped very fine. YIELDS: 3 cups, SERVES 6-8

Your Mother's Tomato Sauce is ready. Good luck!

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