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Recipe 4 All: Pheasent Casserole Recipe

Pheasent Casserole

Yield: 4 Servings
2  Pheasent breasts [cooked]
1package (10 oz) green beans
[frozen- french style]
½cups Butter [melted]
1package Stuffing mix [Pepprigde
¼cups Chicken broth
1can Cream of chicken soup
½cups Chocken broth
¼cups Sour cream

1) Bone the pheasent breasts and tear the meat into large pieces. Cook the green beans according to package directions; then drain... 2) Combine the butter, stuffing mix, and cup broth in a large bowl mixing well... 3) Spoon the stuffing mix into a casserole and arrange the pheasent over the top,season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover the meat with a mixture of soup mix, sour cream, and remaining broth, then sprinkle the remaining stuffung mix over the soup mix... 4) Bake at 350 for 30 min... and serve...

Your Pheasent Casserole is ready. Buon appetito!

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