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Recipe 4 All: Soused Herrings with Lemon Recipe

Soused Herrings with Lemon

Yield: 4 servings
4lg Herrings
-- split, cleaned & boned
1lg Onion; peeled
1tablespoon Mixed pickling spice
1  Bay leaf
1teaspoon Marmite
4tablespoon Hot water
5tablespoon Wine vinegar
3tablespoon Lemon juice
2teaspoon Caster sugar
1  Strip of lemon peel (3")

1. Wash and scale herrings.

2. Roll up, skin side outside, from head end to tail.

4. Slice onion thinly and put into dish between herrings.

5. Sprinkle with spice then add bay leaf.

6. Dissolve Marmite in hot water and stir in vinegar, lemon juice and sugar. Pour over herrings.

7. Stand strip of lemon peel on top.

8. Sprinkle lightly with salt.

9. Cover and cook in centre of cool oven (300 F or Gas No. 2) for 1-½ hours.

10. Remove from oven and leave until completely cold before serving.

Your Soused Herrings with Lemon is ready. Buon appetito!

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