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Recipe 4 All: Spanish Style Chorizo Recipe

Spanish Style Chorizo

Yield: 10 Pounds
8lb Lean pork, cubed
2lb Pork fat, cubed
5tablespoon Salt
2tablespoon Fine grind black pepper
3tablespoon Cayenne
1tablespoon Coarsley crushed red pepper
2tablespoon Finely minced garlic
1teaspoon Cumin seed
1teaspoon Crushed oregano
2tablespoon Sugar
1teaspoon Fennel seed
¼cups Red wine vinegar
¾cups Brandy
½teaspoon Ascorbic acid
1teaspoon Saltpeter
6  Feet medium hog casings

Grind meat and fat separately through the coarse disk and mix together. Sprinkle remaining ingredients on the meat and mix thoroughly. Cure in the refrigerator 24 hours. Prepare casings, stuff and tie off into 4" links. Hang to dry for about 8 weeks.

Your Spanish Style Chorizo is ready. Buon appetito!

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