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Recipe 4 All: Spicy Bean Burrito Filling Recipe

Spicy Bean Burrito Filling

Yield: 102 servings
5qt Que Bueno Precooked Refried
4cups Que Bueno Picante Sauce

1. Combine Refried Beans and Picante Sauce in heavy saucepan. Heat to serving temperature, stirring occasionally. Place on warm steam table for holding.

2. As a burrito filling, place #12 scoop filling on a heated 7-inch flour tortilla. Fold envelope style. Top with Que Bueno salsa with Green Chiles, sour cream and guacamole. Garnish with grated cheese and sliced ripe olives.

Makes 102 #12 scoops of burrito filling.

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Your Spicy Bean Burrito Filling is ready. Good luck!

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