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Recipe 4 All: Tijuana Tunny Recipe

Tijuana Tunny

Yield: 4 servings
8  Tortillas
2tablespoon Shortening
10oz Red chili enchilada sauce
1/3cups Water
1can Tuna; drained, flaked
1lb Jack cheese; grated
1/3cups Onion; chopped

Fry the tortillas in the shortening to soften them. Mix the enchilada sauce with the water. Pour a scant ¼ cup sauce into the bottom of a greased casserold (2-quart round). Dip two tortillas in sacue and arrange in casserole; sprinkle with one-third of the tuna, on-fourth of the cheese, one-third of the onion, and a scant ¼ cup of the sauce. Make two more layers like this and top with the last two tortillas and remaining cheese. Pour the rest of teh enchilada sauce over all and bake at 350F for 20 to 25 minutes. It looks pretty if, just before serving, you sprinkle a handful of sliced black olives over the top.

From: The Tuna Cookbook MMMMM Charring off the Ol' Point!

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Your Tijuana Tunny is ready. Good luck!

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