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Recipe 4 All: Trufel's baskets Recipe

Trufel's baskets

Yield: 6 servings
½cups flour
1teaspoon cacao powder
½teaspoon salt
3tablespoon sugar
3tablespoon butter, soft
2tablespoon dark chocolate
1  egg
¾cups milk
1cups cream
1cups dark chocolate

1. For the pastry to sift together a flour, cocoa-powder and salt. In a separate big bowl to shake up sugar with oil, then add chocolate. To add the sifted flour from cocoa-powder and salt, to add a yolk, make a soft dough. To generate from the pastry a flat sphere, to turn in a foil and to put in a refrigerator for 30 minutes.

3. To warm up an oven up to 200 C. To bake a dough in the form of for mafins 10-12 minutes, piercing a dough if it will be swelled. To cool in the form of 2-3 minutes, then accurately to pull out from the form, to cool finally on a lattice.

4. For a stuffing to mix milk and half cream in a small saucepan and to finish to boiling. To break chocolate, to put it in a bowl, to fill in with its hot mix from milk and cream, to stir in one direction while chocolate to not be kindled. To cool up to a room temperature.

5. To shake up remained cream up to soft peaks, to add to a chocolate mix. To fill culinary packet with the turned out mix and to squeeze out a stuffing in everyone glass from the pastry. They should be a room temperature.

Your Trufel's baskets is ready. Buon appetito!

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