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Recipe 4 All: Vegetable Stew with Nut Dumplings Recipe

Vegetable Stew with Nut Dumplings

Yield: 4 servings
½lb Potatoes
1  Parsley sprig
¼lb Carrots
1  Celery leaf
¼lb Parsnips
2oz Onions
¼lb Turnips
2tablespoon Oil
½tablespoon All purpose flour
2tablespoon Oil
4tablespoon Wholewheat flour
¼cups Wholewheat breadcrumbs
¼cups Finely chopped walnuts

Cut peeled & washed vegetables into small cubes. Combine oil & 1½ cups of vegetables. Cook till ight brown. Add flour & mix well. Add a pint of water & the rest of the vegetables. Cook slowly for about 90 minutes. Season to taste & serve with the dumplings.

DUMPLINGS: Work oil into flour, crumbs & nuts. Add enough water to make a stiff dough. Roll & cut into walnut sized pieces. Cook for 25 minutes in rapidly boiling water.

"The Vegetarian Times Cookbook"

Your Vegetable Stew with Nut Dumplings is ready. Good luck!

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