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Recipe 4 All: Velvet Chicken Under Snow Recipe

Velvet Chicken Under Snow

Yield: 4 Servings
1lb Chicken breast, boned
½cups Chicken stock
1tablespoon Sherry
½teaspoon Ginger root juice
1teaspoon Sugar
1pn Salt
½cups Condensed milk or light
  Cornstarch paste
¼teaspoon Sesame oil
1cups Rice stick, broken up
2cups Oil for deep-frying

Velvet chicken: Heat 6 cups of water to boil. Reduce to simmer. Remove skin from chicken breast; cut breast into 1" chunks. Simmer in uncovered pan for 3 to 5 minutes, until meat is cooked through. The term "velvet" denotes a method of poaching chicken breast to turn it white and make the texture very soft and smooth. Care must be taken to use simmering liquid for just long enough to cook the chicken through. Boiling water or prolonged poaching will toughen the texture.

Sauce: In wok or sauce pan, heat chicken stock, sherry, ginger juice, sugar and salt. When sauce is very hot, slowly add condensed milk or cream. Stir to combine. DON'T ALLOW SAUCE TO BOIL. Dribble in cornstarch paste to thicken. Enrich with sesame oil. Add chicken before serving to reheat.

Rice stick: Heat oil in wok for deep-frying until hot enough to puff up rice stick but not brown it. Fry in small batches; drain. Process takes just seconds. Place rice stick on platter; cover with chicken.

Serves 4. Happy Charring

Your Velvet Chicken Under Snow is ready. Good luck!

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