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Recipe 4 All: Whole Flounder with Herb Marinade Recipe

Whole Flounder with Herb Marinade

Yield: 2 Servings
3tablespoon Olive Oil
2tablespoon Fresh Herbs; chopped
1teaspoon Garlic; minced
¼teaspoon Salt
  Ground Pepper
2lb Flounder

Combine oil, herbs, garlic, salt and pepper; set aside for up to 2 hours. Dress or pan-dress the fish the fish, rinse well, and pat dry. Slash the thicker part of both fillets with 1 or 2 shallow diagonal cuts through the skin and into the meat. Set aside 1 tb marinade and rub the rest all over the surface of the fish and into the cuts. Set aside on a plate for 15 minutes.

Build a medium-hot fire in a charcoal grill. Oil the grill rack and place fish dark-skin side down. Grill 4 minutes, or until skin releases easily from grill. Turn, baste with any marinade remaining on the plate, and continue grilling until a thin skewer easily penetrates thickest part of the fish, another 2-4 minutes.

Per Serving: 305 calories, 51 g protein, 10 g fat, 2 g saturated fat, 131 mg cholesterol, 327 mg sodium, no fiber, no carbohydrate.

Kook-Net: The Shadow Zone IV - Stinson Beach, CA

Your Whole Flounder with Herb Marinade is ready. Good luck!

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